Beach vendors

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  1. So according to this cartoon, are we to acknowledge that the beach vendors who are overcrowding the beach are not Caymanians but are Jamaicans ?.
    How is this allowed to take place on seven mile beach, when in other districts like Bodden Town you are not even allowed to sell cotton candy on the beach.
    Either, the government departments responsible to clear the air on this don’t care, turning a blind eye or someone is getting a pocket lined with gold.

  2. This cartoon was probably meant to poke fun at a bad yet growing situation in Cayman. I am sure this actual conversation has happen plenty of times by tourists. But hey, why think the government will be concerned about this when they’re not really concerned about the now existing lack of safety.

    Yep, Beach Vendors, Barbed wire fences and the stick up man is all part of the new Cayman landscape..I am working on my fence as we speak, I always avoided it because I didn’t think it matched the atmosphere of safety environment but I now realize it’s a necessity it order to keep my guests safe when they visit. Hopefully it’s enough to feel safe sitting on my back porch or pulling into my driveway..