Missing ‘old’ Cayman

My wife and I have been visiting Grand Cayman for many years. We remember Captain Morgan’s Restaurant, where you cooked your own steak.

That was a fun place, the supermarket was a small overcrowded store a short distance from the Holiday Inn and so many more little places that gave the island a special charm, and the wonderful Caymanian people were always so nice.

We have great respect for them, especially the folks we came to know.

Our favourite taxi driver was Olny Ebanks.

He was a very kind gentleman and his wife was a lovely lady.

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I believe most of the folks know who I am speaking of.

It was the closest to paradise of all the Caribbean Islands for us.

Unfortunately, greed set in big time, the cost of everything has skyrocketed, the numerous cruise ships that come to port have ruined the downtown, tourists throw litter on the streets and the beaches. They don’t care one bit. It’s only another island to shop on. It’s disrespectful of the beautiful island.

The vendors renting chairs, jet skis and whatever are a disgrace. I don’t understand the lack of governmental control of this annoyance.

Ah, the Grand Cayman of old was the best and will never be again.

God bless all the Caymanian people and thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Robert Gartelman

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  1. Robert Gartelman. I certainly can relate to your words. Long time visitor for almost 28+ years to Cayman, having many friends there, daughter getting married there, and where my heart and soul lives. My goal is to one day live in Little Cayman. Interesting about what is happening. The canals in Venice are clean; there is no smog, water is cleaner, children and parents are together, actually having meals together, phones are now not the only thing getting everyone’s attention. So the old adage of “Out of Something Bad, Comes Something Good” might apply here also. “Stay Home, Save Cayman.”