Chair vendors spoiling Public Beach

I am writing this letter to let you know about our experience at the public parking lot at Seven Mile Beach at the end of January. We arrived with our family and 2-year-old grandson. It was a beautiful day and we were so excited to go to the beach to swim and play in the sand.

A man immediately approached our car to ask us about renting beach chairs. We were taken off-guard because we have been coming to Cayman for 18 years and this has never happened before. It was stressful walking onto the beach area where chairs were set up in rows right up to the water’s edge.

We had to walk single file into the water to pass the people sitting on the chairs. We love Grand Cayman so much that we purchased a timeshare in 2004, when our daughter was just a little girl. We have always felt very safe in Grand Cayman, love the people, the ocean, the culture, probably because we are Canadian, another Commonwealth country.

We are concerned that this experience is just the beginning of what lies ahead for Seven Mile Beach. With eight cruise ships in port on some days, we can only imagine what will happen to the beauty and tranquility of Seven Mile Beach. So, we didn’t return to that beach again. We found a wonderful spot at Spotts Beach and had a wonderful visit early in the morning.

Please reconsider the selling of beach chairs and sports at the Seven Mile Beach public parking lot. Thank you so much; we love to visit your beautiful island and feel blessed to be there.

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Holly Heard-Lucas

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