Heritage House winds up packed school year

Peppermint candy was on the menu at the most recent traditional cooking class.

Heritage House on Cayman Brac recently hosted a variety of events providing lots of fun learning opportunities for children.

The after-school kids sport goofy sunglasses.
The after-school kids sport goofy sunglasses.

On the Kids Day session held on Wednesday, June 15, the youngsters taking part in the YMCA after-school program learned about the capital of the Cayman Islands and embarked on an imaginary historical walk through central George Town.

The young explorers learned about significant landmarks and buildings, with a focus on their various purposes and some of their famous builders and contributors like the late Captain Rayal Bodden. Rounding out the lesson, the kids decorated their own “tourist glasses,” which featured photos of the various historical sites.

On Friday, June 17, Heritage House welcomed the graduating class of Grand Cayman’s Truth For Youth School. Parents and students toured the grounds, watched a video and played an interactive game.

The final Heritage House Kids Day class for this school year was held on June 22nd, with a session on the governors of the Cayman Islands. The children learned the names of the 12 governors and learned some interesting facts. For a fun aside, the kids also learned a few famous Caymanian expressions that are commonly used.

The next day, Heritage House hosted West End Primary School for its 2016 All Things Caymanian Day on June 23. With the help of numerous volunteers and demonstrators, teachers and children visited stations set up on the Heritage House grounds to learn about some of the trades and activities of Cayman’s early days.

Activities and topics included catboat history, making trap nets and calavans, cooking on the caboose, laying thatch rope, and old-time domestic practices. The students also toured an “ole-time” Caymanian home and even took part in storytelling in a cave.

West End Primary students got to experience storytelling in a cave.
West End Primary students got to experience storytelling in a cave.

During the month of June, the Brac Day Care children explored the traditional Caymanian music of the kitchen band, once a common feature of social celebrations like weddings, kitchen dances and boat launches. They learned about the different instruments that were used, and some of the influences and stories behind a few old folk songs. They also heard about Caymanian musicians, including some from Cayman Brac. The children made and decorated their own maracas and ended the event by playing musical chairs.

The last traditional cooking class for high schoolers featured a real treat with peppermint candy making with Della Dilbert and Nasandra Tibbetts.

Last but not least in Heritage House news, the center welcomes James Christian back as this year’s summer student intern. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia.

He previously worked at the Cayman Brac Heritage House as an intern during 2011–2012.

Since starting his post, he has already assisted with numerous traditional cooking classes, Heritage House Kids Days, photographing various events and even serving as an instructor for live demonstrations.

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