‘Cissy’ Delapenha is an icon

Cissy Delapenha came to Cayman initially to impart her skill and knowledge of credit unions. She loved the place and brought wealth to start a business and leave us a legacy. She was a woman of substance, a phenomenal woman whose passion and skill for credit unions will forever remain indelible to civil servants and their families in the Cayman Islands.

This act of great service created an economic miracle, allowing us to have more opportunities as a cooperative, to save, to loan, and to invest with each other, giving greater monetary freedom. The result is that now more than 16,000 civil servants have greater equal economic opportunities.

This one small development from over 40 years ago has to be noted and preserved, not just by civil servants and their families but by the country and with great depth. This selfless person shared an opportunity for us to have much economic independence.

I was part of that phenomenon as my account was and still falls in the “1-70 plus” membership. This creation of Cissy gave me many opportunities to receive tremendous economic and financial benefits, allowing me to lift myself into a better financial position and to give myself greater opportunities to have progress and prosperity.

As former and current civil servants, along with our families, and to a large extension Cable & Wireless members – we must not forget, now and in the future, how this woman from our neighbor Jamaica shared her business and financial acumen. How she trained seven persons, as well as the now-deceased Veronica Dilbert, so that today we have a very successive financial cooperative credit union that we are proud to have.

To me, Cissy was the epitome of selflessness. She gave of herself what she knew would have helped us become progressive and a greater financial appeasement. This endeavor helped our economic miracle.

Through this medium, I want to say to Cathy and Cissy (though she is only here in the spirit) that we thank her for her vision and love of this country for what she has contributed in making us be leaders to expand our resources and assets. To thank her for generating a top-notch restaurant business and spreading her wealth in the Cayman Islands.

I particularly wish to give kudos to her for the part she played in developing women as leaders with her role as president and member of the Business and Professional Women’s Club. Her actions have given many opportunities for us to be more equal and have the strength, as Confucius said, “to hold up half of the sky.”

Cissy, you may not have received a national honor, and perhaps your humility allowed you to be a gentle giant and steer us from the rear, but in my full Caymanian estimation, you fall way above and hopefully one day posthumously – who knows – ”somebody will call your name.”

Thank you. You are a great one. You left an outstanding legacy. You helped to improve the human development in our society.

Lucille Seymour

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