Cemetery maintains a link to past traditions

The Bodden Town cemetery, like many across the Cayman Islands, is located between the road and the sea.

The National Trust notes that in days gone by, there were no community graveyards in the Cayman Islands. It was the practice for each family to be responsible for the safe burial of their dead.

During the 18th century, people started to set aside a small portion of their land to serve as the family graveyard.

Throughout the three islands, numerous family plots can still be seen between the road and the sea, one of the few places where the sandy ground was easy to dig, but was poor and therefore unsuitable for growing crops.

As the islands’ population grew, it became necessary to allocate space for community graveyards. By the 19th century, each major community had allocated a plot, again on the shoreline and these remain in use today. Unusually, the main Bodden Town Cemetery is situated between a modern main house and its service buildings.

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