HSM Vipers upset Maples Lynx

In Week 6 of the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League, HSM Vipers shut out Maples Lynx in the first game of the day on July 30 at the Ed Bush field.

Defensively, the Lynx held off the Vipers for most of the game. However, offensively QB Anya Edun could not find receivers and was unable to put a score on the board. The Vipers’s Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice caught a touchdown and ran an interception for another touchdown, which ended the game 12-0.

The second game was between Burger King Panthers and Maples. The Panthers made a statement from the start and had a better game both offensively and defensively. The BK Panthers slammed Maples 26-0.

Also on the day, IMS Killa Bzzz played Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Killa Bzzz QB Kathy Miller found it difficult to find receivers because of the Wolverines’s tight defense. The Wolverines’s QB Antoinette Thompson-Lewis had the same problem finding receivers because of players like Shakira Davis and Kimberly David making defensive plays and bringing the pressure. David ran back an interception for a touchdown, which ended the game 6-0, giving IMS Killa Bzzz their first win of the season.

The day ended with Island Heritage Predators vs. PwC, and PwC did not go down without a fight. PwC scored a touchdown and a 2 point conversion. The Predators, led by back-up QB and coach Clayton Lopez, won 22-8, making them the top team at this time.

Monday Night Lights

During the Monday Night Lights segment at the Annex field, Maples Knights vs. Kensington Hellcats took to the field first. It was a very close game as both teams played a good offense and defense game. The game ended with a score of 8-6 in the Hellcats favor.

The night ended with Guinness Lady Sharks vs. IMS Killa Bzzz. Hoping for their second consecutive win, Killa Bzzz fell short as they struggled on offense and defense. The Lady Sharks won 19-0.

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