50 years ago: Money order scam victimizes Mrs. Cromwell Ebanks

Northside-50-years-finalIn the Aug. 17, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, North Side correspondent Nettie McCoy wrote:

“Michael Ebanks of North Side has brought to us a photostat copy of a money order for $15 which his sister Helen M. Ebanks, who lives in Hawthorne, California posted on the 8th of June to her mother, Mrs. T. Cromwell Ebanks, here.

“The reason for this being a photostat copy is that the original never reached Mrs. Ebanks but was subsequently cashed abroad by someone who obviously forged Mrs. Cromwell Ebanks’s signature.

“Of course, the letter may have been tampered with in the U.S.A. and never reached Cayman, but there is also the point that many Caymanians travel. It is doubtful if this present mystery will ever be solved but this is a warning that mail should be treated with the utmost care.

“Leaving recently for Freeport, Bahamas, was Mr. Byron Ebanks.

“Arriving back from Jamaica were Miss Carolyn Whittaker and Miss Judy Ann Miller.

“Arriving on the 4th was Mr. Frank Ward Powell.

“During the course of the past week, Vacation Bible School has been progressing nicely at the Town Hall here.

“There has been an average of 58-60 children in attendance. Ages varying from two to 16 years. There are 4 departments, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Junior High.

“The VBS is led and conducted by our visiting friends from the United Presbyterian Church of Fort Myers, Florida with some of the local Sunday school teachers assisting.

“The closing exercises and a party for the children, teachers and parents will be held today.

“Four of these young men are living in various homes in the district, and during the morning hours they, with a few others, assist in the work being done on the new church building.

“On Friday night a social get-together was held at the Town Hall in honour of the visitors when all the group, with their advisers and councilors were present. The local group here put on a short programme of songs and recitations and a playlet, and the visiting group rendered several lovely songs. A piano duet was played by two of the girls and all the group joined in singing ‘Blest be the Tie that Binds.’ Refreshments were served, and a very happy time was enjoyed by everyone.

“Mr. Randolph Ebanks has arrived home to spend his vacation.

“Returning on the 11th from Jamaica were Misses Zeta Rivers and Phyllis Smith. Zeta went to Jamaica for medical attention.

“Mr. Charles Buchner of LaPorte, Louisiana is on a visit at Mr. Coatsworth’s cottage at Rum Point.”

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