Morritt’s employee honored for quarter century of work

‘Never absent, never late and never called in sick in 25 years’

From left, Sarah, Kady, Sharon and Ransford Myers with Frank Conolly.

Morritt’s Resort in East End celebrated the dedicated services of its employees Wednesday evening, making a special mention of one staffer who has worked at the hotel for 25 years.

Maintenance and engineering man Ransford Myers, 53, originally from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, started working at Morritt’s in 1991. His long service at the resort was recognized in front of friends, family and staff Wednesday night, when he was presented with a plaque and monetary reward by Jose Kirchman, the hotel’s general manager.

Mr. Myers joined a dozen other employees who were collecting their employee of the month certificates and being honored by Mr. Kirchman, who thanked the staff for their loyalty.

He conveyed to Mr. Myers the best wishes of David Morritt, owner of Morritt’s Tortuga, who was unable to attend, but who indicated he hoped they would work together for another 25 years. Mr. Morritt passed along that the team working at the hotel was the best he’d worked with since he started the business 28 years ago.

Mr. Myers started working for Morritt’s on June 30, 1991.

Passing Morritt’s one day with a friend, herding cattle, Mr. Myers stopped in and asked Frank Conolly, the general manager, for a job, and that was how it all began.

“This has been my only job in Cayman and I hope this is the only one till I die,” Mr. Myers said. “I love the people I work for, I love the place, and I love what I do. I get to meet people from all over the world and share their experience …. It is enriching for life.”

His first job at the hotel was to sweep the steps at 2101 building, which was right in front of the general manager’s office at the time.

Mr. Myers went on to work in maintenance and engineering but that was not before he was refused his first work permit by Immigration.

“I remember Immigration not granting me the permit to work, but Mr. Frank went right down to the Immigration Department and told them he had a guy who lives in Swamp, George Town, that gets to the hotel for 6 a.m. and his workers in East End didn’t reach there till 9 a.m. and he was asking them to reconsider my permit. They gave it after that,” said Mr. Myers with a smile.

“That has stayed with me over the years,” he added, as he heading over to where Mr. Conolly was sitting to say thank you and to give him a huge hug for giving him a start in life.

“I’m never absent, never late and never called in sick in 25 years, as long as I was scheduled to work. Other than my vacation, I was there,” Mr. Myers said.

He built his home in Frank Sound. He said he would not live past Breakers, because where he lives, the breeze is fresh and cool, the fish are fresh and the people are extremely nice.

Present to see him honored at his longtime work place on Wednesday evening were Mr. Myers’ two daughters, Kady and Sarah, and his wife Sharon.