Entrepreneurs reopening Pirates Caves

After being closed for 1.5 years, the Bodden Town Pirates Caves has opened its snack shop as preparations are made to reopen the caves to curious visitors.

Edwardo Miller, a Bodden Town entrepreneur, along with partner Edwin Roa reopened the snack shop on Tuesday, Aug. 24, enticing customers with fruit smoothies that any swashbuckling pirate, visitor or local would fight to have.

“I want to put some life back into the area. These are the original caves of Cayman and many tourists and locals would love to see the place reopened and a little more life and culture brought back into the town,” said Mr. Miller.

Before its closure, the Pirates Caves also offered visitors an opportunity to visit a Swiss Family Robinson tree house, a 3,000-gallon fresh water stingray tank, animals, picnic grounds and self-guided nature walks.

The area is still a wonderful place to explore.

Mr. Miller, who grew up about 500 yards down the road from the caves, said he spent many hours with friends exploring them, and was excited to take over the enterprise. He says it is something that he misses, and is sure other locals in the area do, too.

With the snack shop up and running, work is now under way to spruce up the grounds to provide an attractive visitor experience. Mr. Miller and his partner are in the process of transforming the trails and caves into a destination for tourists and locals to enjoy. Nature walks will showcase medicinal plants and local trees along with a colorful explosion of flowering plants indigenous to Cayman.

There will be a minimal charge to visit the caves, to defray expenses, but nothing too extravagant that people cannot afford, Mr. Miller says, adding that he will not be bringing back the animals.

At the moment, though, it’s the smoothies at the Pirates Caves’ Treasure Den snack bar that have people talking.

“The smoothies are all natural, refreshing and taste really good. I will definitely be back to the Pirates Caves to get more for sure,” said Shamika Bartley, ordering the first fruit smoothie of the day.

Kimberly Salgado, blending up a concoction for a customer, said it was something good to bring to the community.

She says a special dash of love makes her smoothies special.

“Everybody can be selling the same product, but it’s all about how you approach, attend and care for your customer,” said Ms. Salgado. “For me, the smoothies are very refreshing, they use natural fruits. Sometimes we have papaya and local fruits, when in season. It is a good meal and you can also add peanuts, protein, oats and so forth, it’s healthy and has no additives.”

The Treasure Den will also be offering delicious homemade cakes, sweets, coffee, drinks and local arts and crafts to those who come by from 9 a.m. to 5 in the afternoon, says Mr. Miller.

The venue is also open for nonalcoholic functions such as fish frys, birthday parties and get-togethers.


  1. I congratulate Mr. Edwardo Miller on this new adventure. This little seaside district called Bodden Town, time has forgotten.
    Although we love the slow paced piscine, antique, 18 century look, we still encourage new ideas of out door dining, local music on week ends and interesting beauty, dress and art and antique shops to visit.
    There is just nothing, and no where for locals entertainment.
    I am looking forward to Mr. Edwardo to fill in the places missing at the Pirates Caves. Much can be done to make that place a one stop entertainment shop.

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