Praise for ‘District Days’

I want to thank you and commend you for the section you have added a while back to the Compass called “District Days.” My family is from the Brac, consisting of Lazzaris and Fosters as well as many other families going back generations. Even though my father moved us to Florida when I was a young child, I grew up hearing all about the Brac, family, land, etc. We spent many Sunday afternoons after church visiting other Cayman families who lived in the St. Petersburg–Tampa Bay area. As an adult, I have been there numerous times with my husband, daughter, and even grandchildren. I consider the Brac my second home.

My favorite part of District Days is the reprinting of articles from 50 years ago. Turns out Lilian Ritch was my aunt’s stepmother-in-law. My aunt married a Ritch and Lilian was the third wife of my uncle’s father, Capt. Theophilus Ritch. Needless to say, my aunt who is now in her 90s thoroughly enjoys reading those articles, since she knew almost everyone mentioned. I print the articles for her. She remembers so clearly her stepmother-in-law being the island reporter.

I know things were very hard on the Brac back then in many ways, especially medical care, but in other ways they were so much better with people helping each other, feeling safe, actually talking to one another instead of glued to a TV, computer, or smartphone, more reverence of God, etc. Life changes, however, and we must find a way to stay grounded in our faith and values. The District Days helps people of the Caymans whether they live on island or far away remember their roots.

Thank you again for this wonderful section of Cayman Compass. Please keep it up.

Julie Lazzari-Marshall

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