Maples Knights hopeful of playoffs

Maples Knights struggled to score against Island Heritage Predators. - Photos: Jordan Rankine

Following Week 9 of the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League last weekend, team founder Kevin Solomon, who is also the coach and a player for Maples Knights, said the team has a chance of making the playoffs.

“We are not the biggest or the fastest, but when we are all pulling in the same direction, we are a force to be reckoned with,” Solomon said.

“Due to players being injured or absent, the team has been struggling but has fielded strong teams weekly and has remained competitive throughout,” he said.

He noted that veterans like Theo Edman and Seware Kangulu need to step up and assume more responsibility, and he praised newcomers Chris Bennett, Jordan Cacho, Joshua Whittaker and Tyler Lee for their contributions to the team so far.

Predators quarterback Jordan Stubblefield completed most of his passes.
Predators quarterback Jordan Stubblefield completed most of his passes.

The games

On Aug. 22, Island Heritage Predators and Maples Knights took to the field at the Annex. The Knights struggled to score, but Kangulu and Renald Durand got multiple sacks. Predators quarterback Jordan Stubblefield completed most of his passes and threw his signature long passes to key receivers such as Avery Ebanks, Baron Solomon and Ernesto Ebanks for touchdowns. Cueme Parker received three interceptions and ran one in for a touchdown. The score: Knights 0, Predators 28.

Also on the night, Guinness Lady Sharks played HSM Vipers. Both teams held each other from scoring for the majority of the game. In the first half, Shenel Gall made a touchdown and Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice scored the extra point. The score: Vipers 7, Lady Sharks 0.

On Aug. 20 at Ed Bush Field, the Anytime Fitness Wolverines played the Guinness Lady Sharks. After struggling for a few games because of injuries or absent players, the Wolverines won. Players like Keisha Solomon, Martina Bodden and Arissa McField stood out on defense as they made multiple interceptions and sacks. QB Antoinette Lewis-Thompson found receivers Renee Thompson and Benecia Thompson for touchdowns and extra points. Without their starting QBs, Marleena Smith of Guinness Lady Sharks stepped up to the position for the first time and completed a few passes, including one for a touchdown to Tyanna Jan. The score: Sharks 6, Wolverines, 13.

The next game featured Kensington Hellcats against Maples. With both teams fighting for a spot in the playoffs, each brought their “A game.” However, Maples had a slightly better game. Setting the pace, the Hellcats’ Perry Levy scored the first touchdown but the team failed to complete multiple passes. Maples answered with a touchdown by Fabio Gall, which tied the game, forcing it into overtime. With first possession of the ball, Larue Nixon made a touchdown and scored the extra point. Renford Barnes of the Hellcats received the ball for a touchdown but the team failed to make the extra point conversion. Players like Davanni James, Demetri Chambers, David Taylor and Rupert Whittaker of Maples were standouts of the game after making multiple sacks and tackles. The score: Hellcats 12, Maples 13.

The day ended with Maples Lynx facing off against IMS Killa Bzzz. Denecia Cranston of Maples scored the game’s first touchdown, but players like Monique Roberts and Cynthia Powell of Killa Bzzz were not going to allow Lynx to have an easy game. Camille Solomon also ran in a touchdown for Lynx in the first half. In the second half, Latoya Cover of Killa Bzzz received the touchdown pass, but the team did not make a conversion. Players like Racquel James and Christsania Parker of Lynx and Beth Ebanks of Killa Bzzz also stood out after making multiple tackles. The score: Killa Bzzz 6, Maples Lynx, 13.

Week 10 games kick off at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Ed Bush field.

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