50 years ago: Women’s Guild social draws impressive crowd

Northside-50-years-finalIn the Sept. 7, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, North Side correspondent Nettie McCoy wrote:

“The Women’s Guild held its monthly social tea on the 1st at the Presbyterian Cottage. It began by singing ‘In Christ there is no East or West,’ after which the oldest Guild member, Mrs. Ditha Ebanks, offered a short prayer. We were then led in a sing song by some of the younger girls who were present. The secretary had prepared a quiz which proved quite interesting. The Guild hymn was sung and refreshments served. This was the best attended social tea that we have had for a long time, and a very enjoyable hour of Guild fellowship was enjoyed by all present.

“Mrs. Rose Chisholm and little son returned from Jamaica on the 3rd. Harvey, having his eye attended to, is much improved.

“Miss Zelmalee Chisholm went to Cayman Brac on the 1st where she will be teaching in the Government School in Spot Bay.

“On the 4th Mr. and Mrs. Selbourne Lazzari and children returned to their home in Cayman Brac. Mrs. Lazzari was among the team of schoolteachers who went to Barbados. She teaches at the Creek, Cayman Brac.

“Mr. Basil Small and Charney Whittaker returned from Jamaica on Saturday. Mr. Small re-opened school here on Monday.

“Mrs. Clinton Whittaker and her daughter Shirley Ann returned on Sunday from Miami where they spent an enjoyable 2 week vacation.

“Mr. Solomon Ebanks left for Kingston on the 3rd to join his wife, who is under the doctors’ care there.

“The stone-laying ceremony of the United Church here will take place on Thursday 22nd at 5:30 p.m. All friends and well-wishers are cordially invited to attend.”

In the same issue, East End correspondent Charles Dixon wrote:

“Mr. Lee Wills of Colony Hotel, Montego Bay, spent a few days at the Tortuga Club.

“Miss Betty Ann Fuller (daughter of Mrs. Glendova Fuller) spent her holidays with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. McLaughlin, and returned home to Jamaica on the 3rd.

“Mrs. Coleen Chong and daughter spent a few weeks as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Conolly and returned to Jamaica on the 3rd.

“Mrs. Evelyn (Angie) McLaughlin and 19 month old daughter arrived on the 1st from the U.S. to join her husband.

“Miss Dorothy Bryan returned on the 1st from Cayman Brac to resume duties as teacher.

“Miss Margaret Rose Conolly returned on the 2nd after spending a short vacation in the U.S.

“Mr. Devy Conolly left on the 4th to reside in the U.S.A.

“Also leaving on the 4th was Mr. Stanton Jackson after spending a short vacation.

“Mrs. Warren Conolly returned on the 4th after attending an educational course in the U.K.

“Mr. Austin Bell returned to Jamaica on the 3rd after a short vacation with his wife.”

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