Caymanian Brando Rankin called to Bar

Brando Rankin was admitted as an attorney-at-law in a ceremony in court this week. - PHOTO: ALMA CHOLLETTE

Brando Rankin, 28, was approved and admitted as an attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands in a ceremony in court.

“It has taken a lot to get here,” said Mr. Rankin. “There were a lot of hurdles, a lot of stumbles and as I mentioned during my speech, there were more moments when I doubted I would ever make it to the final goal.”

Mr. Rankin, who is from North Side, was presented to the court by litigation partner Kyle Broadhurst of Broadhurst LLC, who moved the young Caymanian’s admission to the Bar.

In his speech, Mr. Broadhurst noted Mr. Rankin’s academic history and achievements.

After starting his education at Cayman Prep, Mr. Rankin moved to Bedfordshire, England, in 2005 to continue his education at Luton Sixth Form College, where he completed his A-Levels.

Mr. Rankin earned his law degree, with honors, at De Montfort University in Leicester, England, in 2010. Three years later, he received a commendation in his Legal Practice Course at BPP University Law School in London before returning to Cayman for career opportunities.

“I was fortunate to meet him at that time and our firm offered him the opportunity to complete his articles,” which he completed in September 2014, said Mr. Broadhurst.

“Mr. Rankin has demonstrated himself to be a hard-working and compassionate individual and I have no doubt that he will be a fine addition to our profession.”

In his address to the court, Mr. Rankin said, “There were moments when I doubted my goal to become an attorney would ever be within my grasp. But as someone once told me, nothing of value is ever easy to come by.

“It goes without saying that this day was not easily achieved.”

He went on to thank his mother Marlene, the firm, and his supporters.

Justice Richard Williams accepted the young Caymanian’s application, saying, “I wish to warmly congratulate you … it is especially important when a young Caymanian is called.”

Mr. Rankin’s legal focus is in real estate, corporate, commercial and litigation.

Broadhurst attorney Yvonne Mullen said Mr. Rankin has become an integral part of the firm.

“Over the past two years, it has been a real pleasure to watch him grow and learn. It was a special moment for me and the other attorneys in our offices to see him be called today. We anticipate that he will … be a huge asset to the Cayman Islands.”

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