50 years ago: Woman’s Guild fundraiser fun includes mock wedding

West bayIn the Sept. 14, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, West Bay correspondent Leila Yates wrote:

“Plans are being made for an amusing and interesting evening at the United Church at 7:30 o’clock on the 16th. A concert will be held sponsored by the Woman’s Guild in aid of the Church. Special feature will be a mock wedding. Friends and well-wishers are asked to attend and help a good cause. Admission 3 shillings, children 1 shilling 6 pence.

“Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jackson became the happy parents of a son, Christopher Thomas, on the 6th, weighing 8 and a half pounds.

“On Aug. 22, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Banks of Miami became the happy parents of their second daughter, Sandra Laverne.

“Their second son and third child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Ebanks Jr. on the 8th, weighing 7 pounds.

“On the 8th Miss Jane Ebanks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Riley Ebanks, became the bride of Mr. Harlee Reynolds, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Reynolds, at a quiet ceremony performed by the Rev. John Croft at his residence. The bride’s only attendant was Miss Osley Powell. Mr. Leslie Tibbetts was groomsman.

“On Sept. 2, Margaret Dilbert of West Bay was married to Robert Allie of George Town, who has spent a great many years in Texas, by the Rev. J. Lord at the Presbyterian Manse, George Town. The bridesmaid was Miss Margaret Ebanks, and he best man Rolston Rivers, both of West Bay.

“Mrs. Carlson Jackson and family left on the 8th for Miami. She has taken her eldest son, Allen, for medical aid. Leaving the same day for New York, where she resides, were Mrs. Boyd Hydes and her little son.

“Mr. Bergman Ebanks has gone to Jamaica to join the S.S. J. Louis after spending 2 weeks with his family.

“Mr. Spurgeon Ebanks has gone to Canada to attend the Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. His daughter Margreta arrived the same day from the U.S. where she visited with relatives.

“Tommie and Robert Ebanks, children of Mrs. Robert Ebanks of West Bay, celebrated their birthdays on Sept. 1.

“Miss Vera Ebanks arrived on the 8th after spending over one year in the U.S. with relatives. She reports an enjoyable stay.

“Mr. Benson O. Ebanks arrived from Jamaica on the 10th. He accompanied his sister Ethel for medical attention.

“Mrs. Olice Yates and daughter Robin left on the 11th to visit Olice’s mother, who lives in New York. Leaving on the same place was Mr. Stafford Banks on a business trip to Miami.

“Capt. Percival Ebanks, who has been ailing for quite a while left on the 11th to seek medical aid.

“After spending an enjoyable visit here, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hydes left on the 8th. Thomas has taken his sister Ironie to Miami for medical attention.

“Mr. Keith Edwards arrived from Jamaica on Thursday and left on Sunday for his home in New York, where he has lived with his family for several years.

“Miss Jemima Hydes and little son Noel left on the 11th for a short visit to Miami.

“Mr. Wordsworth Powery returned on the 11th from Jamaica, where he obtained medical aid and is much improved.”

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