Northward Prison inmates spruce up Harry McCoy park

Prisoners chop bush with the help of Caroline Allison, a Bodden Town Heritage Committee member. - Photo: Jewel Levy

Some of the inmates of Northward Prison on Saturday took part in an outing for a public cause.

The inmates, using machetes, hacked their way through bush and overgrown weeds to clean up Bodden Town’s Harry McCoy Sr. Park and the area around Nurse Josie’s Senior Centre.

“We are getting the place cleaned up so people in the community can come sit and enjoy what the park has to offer,” said Agnes McCoy, a member of the Bodden Town Heritage Committee.

“The park needed a good cleaning up and most of the committee members are elderly, so we enlisted the prison to come give us a hand,” added Caroline Allison, another committee member.

The inmates said they were delighted to help, and during their work enjoyed the company of the seniors as they were treated to cool drinks and other refreshments when their work was done.

Nurse Josie’s Senior Centre, next to the Harry McCoy Sr. Park, is a historical and cultural center run by the Bodden Town Heritage Committee.

The property, which covers more than three-and-a-half acres, also includes a playground and a children’s park. The heritage group has constructed a stage in the park that can accommodate a band. A gift shop is stocked with memorabilia and artifacts, and there is also a chicken coop, pig pen, outhouse, old-time kitchen and caboose.

At the back of Nurse Josie’s house are the park and a pond, as well as a bird loft where residents and visitors can see nesting ducks and other birds.

A new parking lot at the back of the park can accommodate visitors attending Bodden Town Pirates Week Heritage Day activities.


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