50 years ago: Changes and new staff mark start of new school year

cayman-brac-by-LilianIn the Sept. 21, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“As the Michaelmas Term opens we have to offer best wishes in their new spheres to a few special people.

“To our youngsters who have gone forward from our primary schools to take up the scholarships and entrance gained in the Secondary Grammar School in Grand Cayman, namely Marlyn Ebanks of Creek, Barbara Ryan and Daphine Porter of Spot Bay, and Faith Tatum of West End. At the moment of going to press, we understand that Sherry Dale Bodden of West End is also preparing to go. We are happy to record that this is the best response that there has been from the Island in accepting the awards, and our appreciation goes out to the relatives and friends who are assisting to overcome the difficulty of boarding and lodging the children.

“Miss Deva Hill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hill of Spot Bay, has entered the Seventh-day Adventist College in Mandeville, Jamaica. With Joy Christian, also of Spot Bay, who is in her second year there, we anticipate a good representation of Cayman Brac.

“Linda Ryan, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kendal Ryan of Stake Bay left during the holidays with her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Carey Bodden of Tampa, Florida. The Boddens and their two sons were vacationing with their respective parents Mr. Ullin Bodden and Mr. Isaac Ryan. Linda has written to say that she has gained entrance in Woodlawn School.

“As they take up new posts at the Bodden Town Primary School, we give best wishes to Mr. R.M. Walters (Head Teacher) who has served Cayman Brac for the last three years as tutor of the Jamaica Local Centre and twice acted as head of the West End Primary School. We also remember him for his talent in drama in preparing and directing ‘The Steward Malvolio.’ Also in a new post as assistant there is Miss Dorothy Bryan of North East Bay.

“At home there is reason for universal thanksgiving in that we have entered on the standard of having trained teachers for the beginners in our primary schools. Last year West End had the privilege – this year the other two schools have been provided. Observing that there are many children on the streets during school hours, we urge upon parents their duty to compel rather than withhold their children’s attendance. With staff changes we wish everyone a stimulating and happy term. Staffs are: Spot Bay – H. Maxfield Morris (Head), Mrs. Blondell Ryan (Prob.), Mrs. Lois Brown (Prob.), Miss Zelmalee Chisholm (Trainee). West End – Mr. James Ryan (Head), Mrs. Shirley Ryan (Prob.), Miss O. Brown (G.C.E.).

“The Creek PTA met on the 13th. It was a small gathering. The disinterestedness (apparent) of parents was lamented. Interesting reports were given by Mrs. LeVonne Tibbetts on Rollin Jackson’s and her delegation to the spelling bee contest and by Mrs. Georgine Lazzari on her participation in the workshop on teacher education at Erdiston College, Barbados directed by Miss Freda Gwilliam and Mr. R.N. Nicholson. Stimulating discussion arose out of both these reports particularly on teaching methods cited by Mrs. Lazzari from the course. The teachers would be greatly encouraged by the attendance of more parents to these meetings.

“On the 10th, eight seamen flew out to join National Bulk Carriers Inc. ship Jim Pet. Good sailing to Dennis Dixon, Laughford Tatum of Spot Bay and to Roosevelt Bodden, Elmer Ebanks, Lloyd Bodden and Carnel Bourke of the Western Districts.”