Located in Breakers, in the district of Bodden Town, White Dog Art Studio showcases a variety of original artwork and prints for sale.

But what is very unique and inspiring about gallery owner Ren Seffer’s art creations is the way she has managed to capture the heart and soul of the Caymanian people in their rural settings.

Most of her figures in vibrant color on canvas do not have facial features, but one can easily recognize a scene of men hanging out at the Pirates Cove bar in East End, a produce stand with lots of local fruits and vegetables, men fishing, children playing on the dock and kids swinging from trees.

“My art shows my inspiration that comes from people,” she says.

“I like to observe people’s behavior. There is a lot of humor in the work and I consider it very whimsical,” she adds.

Ms. Seffer’s favorite painting is one of children playing on the dock.

“I love watching kids playing on the beach, and the coconut drinkers,” she said.

After growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Ms. Seffer traveled for many years before settling on Grand Cayman in 1995.

Since then, her works have expressed her passion for the ocean, people and her white dog

“Bindi” who often appears in many of her art works.

Back in Australia, Ms. Seffer grew up surrounded by art. Her mother was a full-time artist.

“As a teenager, for me growing up, art was something I knew. I wanted to do more of it for a living, but it was just [a case of] finding the right opportunity – that opportunity came when I visited the Cayman Islands,” she said.

While backpacking around the world on diving excursions, Ms. Seffer said she came to the Cayman Islands on the recommendation of a friend who had told her she had to come because the diving was so beautiful. Once she arrived in Cayman, she loved it so much she got a job on a boat in the dive industry. There she met her husband, and the rest, she said, is history.

“I was painting all my life, but it was when I came to Cayman that I started exhibiting and got a good response,” she said.

Working out of her seafront studio on School House Lane, Breakers, for the past four years, Ms. Seffer said the charm of the Cayman Islands has always been a magnet.

“It hasn’t changed since I have moved to this side of the island. I have seen a lot of stuff that has inspired me – it is different from West Bay,” she said.

Ms. Seffer has had the privilege of being part of a flourishing local art scene that continues to inspire her artistic expression. She has participated in group shows in Spain, Canada and the U.S., and her work has been added to many collections both overseas and locally, including in the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

Her husband Mikael Seffer, who is also an artist, found the island the perfect backdrop for his lyrical abstractions. He has also been exhibiting locally for the past seven years and his work has been collected by many private and corporate collectors as well, and the National Gallery.