Jennifer Bodden and her daughter Ariana love to cook. Their passion for cooking goes beyond food – the mother-daughter team is creating delightful scents and foods out of their kitchen on Anton Bodden Drive in Bodden Town.

The products are made from natural organic materials sourced from their garden, tended by backyard farmer George Bodden, Jennifer’s husband.

The Boddens run the Backyard Farmer Seasonal Delights brand, which uses plants and other organic ingredients to produce a range of products.

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In the kitchen, a line of locally handcrafted soaps, scrubs and spa products made from all-natural and local ingredients line the counter. Skin-care bars made from homemade coconut oil and lemongrass, coffee soaps, soap “bombs” that fizz when placed in warm water, and salt and sugar scrubs are all on display, as are pepper jellies, sauces and relishes, carrot cakes, jams and mango jam ice cream.

Jennifer Bodden's homemade organic products.
Jennifer Bodden’s homemade organic products.

At the crock pot, Mrs. Bodden slowly stirs in fragrances, coconut oil and other organic products which will be poured into waiting molds to make soaps.

“We try to stay organic as much as possible,” said Mrs. Bodden as she flipped the lid on some locally sourced honey.

“The bees made a hive in the root of a tree we had cut down at the back of the house. When the tree was moved, it was full of honey and honeycomb,” she said.

All this started, she said, out of her passion for food and putting flavors together, and to find a cure for her daughter’s allergies.

Creative packaging is part of the products' appeal.
Creative packaging is part of the products’ appeal.

Attending a Florida festival, they found a supplier of natural soaps which helped Ariana with her allergies. But when they returned to Cayman, they could not find a supplier on island, so they decided to make their own products.

“Every one of us has developed allergies over the years, and if we can go back to [nature]. it’s better for us,” she said.

Mrs. Bodden said most of her friends are using her products and she now has a thriving new business.

“We dabbled a bit here and there but never thought of doing it full-time. This year has been a year of experimenting,” she added.

While Mrs. Bodden concentrates on her soaps and other items, Ariana creates her own products, including a colorful soap bomb that fizzes out in a rainbow of colors, which Mrs. Bodden says is a hit with the kids, and a variety of soaps featuring local scents.


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