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Eco-friendly ways of making wine

Environmental sustainability has become common in the production of many consumer goods over the past two decades and it is no different in the wine industry.

How one Bodden Town family went organic

When farming is in your blood, it’s hard to keep your hands out of the dirt. That is the case for Bodden Towner George Bodden, who cannot help going back to the land. “For me, it takes a whole lot of patience and a touch of insanity, but I love it,” said Mr. Bodden, who thinks farming is one of those things you have to love and can’t hurry, despite it being hot and hard work.

Going organic: Creations feature local ingredients

Jennifer Bodden and her daughter Ariana love to cook. Their passion for cooking goes beyond food – the mother-daughter team is creating delightful scents and foods out of their kitchen on Anton Bodden Drive in Bodden Town. The products are made from natural organic materials sourced from their garden, tended by backyard farmer George Bodden, Jennifer’s husband.

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