I write to express appreciation for your coverage and Friday’s editorial of the recent STEM Conference held at UCCI and request that you record this message on your editorial page.

It would be most remiss and ungracious of me not to publicly acknowledge the conscientious efforts of Dr. Bill Hrudey in not only being the architect behind this initiative, but in continuing to lead at these conferences.

While he works with a great organizing committee and is supported by generous sponsors, it is his inimitable style and boundless passion for the promotion of science in these islands which deserves credit.

I offer, on behalf of the University College, our most sincere appreciation to those schools and the Caymanian public which gave their overwhelming support to this event.

The conference sponsors and presenters belong in a special category. Time and space do not permit my listing every name; suffice it to say however, that your contributions have not gone unnoticed.

J.A. Roy Bodden, President, University College of the Cayman Islands