50 years ago: Remembrance Day marked with Sunday ceremony

In the Nov. 16, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, the Remembrance Day ceremonies held in George Town were reported as follows:

“The main Remembrance Day service was held around the Memorial Cross in George Town at 10:40 a.m. on Sunday.

“The Police Force, Sea Scouts, Wolf Cubs and members of all actions of the Girls’ Brigade were on parade and a large number of the general public attended the service.

“Conducted by the Rev. John Lord, the service commenced with the singing of O God Our Help of Ages Past followed by prayer led by Rev. C. Holm. Elder F.E. Arch read the Scripture Lesson.

“His Honour the Administrator, in his address said, ‘Remembrance Sunday is an annual event which enables men and women to congregate and pay tribute to those who died during the two World Wars and other military conflicts of this century.’

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“‘Those who eulogised about the victims of these wars have often said that those who died ‘gave their lives freely’ or that they ‘made the supreme sacrifice willingly’ in order that the cause for which they fought might prevail. Those who fought in those wars, however, have good reason to doubt such statements because, with few exceptions, most men and women cling to life, and secretly hope that they will be among the survivors. This is a natural human instinct, but whatever motives we may attribute to the dead, the fact remains that they served their countries and the cause of freedom by exposing their lives to unnatural dangers. In paying tribute to their memory, therefore, let us follow their example by serving our country and our fellow men whenever the opportunity arises. We should not always expect remuneration for our services but we can be sure that in most instances our services can be given without exposing ourselves to physical danger.’

“After prayer by Pastor Raib Arch and the hymn O King of Love O God of Peace and the Benediction, wreaths were placed at the Cross by His Honour the Administrator and others and the National Anthem was sung.”

In the same issue, other news included:

“The Clinical Ecology Study Club have been in conference at Sea View Lodge during the past week.

“Many world renowned allergists spent a very happy and profitable ten days in the island, many bringing their wives with them.

“During their stay the doctors conferred as to how to improve the diagnosis and treatment of allergies which plague so many people of all ages and in all walks of life …

“It appears that Ricardo Ebanks took someone to the hospital and upon returning to his car there was a mild explosion as he turned the starter. He saw fire coming from the engine and was given a blanket by the hospital staff to try and extinguish the fire. This being of no avail he walked to the Police Station and the Officers on duty, with the help of Mr. John Connolly and Mr. Ray Miller eventually got the blaze subdued but not before the car was completely gutted.”

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