Display opens Dec. 5 Guests at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman resort will soon be greeted by an unusual and delectable seasonal display.

An Elves Workshop featuring 20 brilliantly colored, 3-foot-tall holiday elves crafted from chocolate, each with a personal story, an eccentric personality and captivating facial expressions will be taking over the lobby of hotel from Dec. 5.

According to a press release, the cheerful and intricate holiday display represents a uniquely animated community, 9 feet by 10 feet, set against a dramatic 10-foot mountain backdrop, an operating electric train and an animated holiday tree.

“The irresistible setting features 15 gingerbread mini-houses in a gingerbread village, 12 gingerbread houses in the mountains, a ski lodge and ski gondola descending from the mountains, chocolate ‘gas’ lanterns, 30 chocolate holiday trees, chocolate benches with penguins and snowmen, snowboarding penguins and snowmen in the mountains and on the train tunnel, six reindeer and a chocolate sleigh, a fireplace with chocolate ‘logs’ and stockings for all of the elves, six reindeer, gifts galore and ladders enabling elves to decorate their tree,” the press release states.

“Amidst this tasty spectacle, Santa’s charming and edible helpers can be seen trying to work together to muddle through their holiday to-do lists.”

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According to the release, the chocolate and fondant elves crafted by pastry chef Melissa Logan and her pastry team require 540 hours to create, and the entire workshop is made out of 150 pounds of fondant, 250 pounds of dark chocolate, 75 pounds of white chocolate, 125 pounds of modeling chocolate, 3 pounds of chocolate velvet spray, 25 pounds of royal icing, 25 pounds of gingerbread, 3 ounces of gold and silver dust, 27 ounces of food lacquer and 12 ounces of food coloring.

The elves are:

Charlie, the lead elf, always busy hanging stockings on the fireplace or making toys with his chocolate hammer.

Lulabell, the cheeky elf who has naughtily decided to juggle the ornaments instead of helping to hang them on the tree.

Figwit Biggenslow III, who watches as Lulabell tries to juggle ornaments, finding himself distracted from building the mini-gingerbread houses he is supposed to be working on.

Punchinello, a bit of a clumsy elf, who is always getting himself into a tangle. This year, he is tangled in the lights and cannot figure out how it happened.

Penelope Mcmittens, Layla Maisy, Filomena and Ophelia, who are having fun while being generally helpful.

Gilbert, pointing and laughing at Punchinello woefully tangled in the Christmas lights.

Louie von Whimsy busy stacking presents for the train tunnel, while his friend Jasper is also working on presents, carefully wrapping them for the holiday.

Oliver, the elf with the munchies, who has decided to take a cookie break while everyone else is hard at work in the shop.

Ernie, who is supposed to be helping Charlie hang the stockings, but he has had way too much hot cocoa and is falling asleep from all that cocoa, with stockings crumpled all around him.

Russandol, hard at work hanging the lights on the tree.

Ziggy, Larabee and Chadwick, merrily making gingerbread houses and holding ornaments.

Buckly McSkittles, who has fallen into the sleigh, and colleague Nougat O’Flurry, who is attempting to rescue him.

Elliott Butterscotch, placing the star atop the holiday tree.

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