Hundreds of young pirates and their crews congregated on Pedro St. James on Sunday for the Pirates Week children’s fun day featuring contests, games and lots of pirate entertainment.

“We saw approximately 300 children of all ages with parents in tow, all dressed as pirates,” said Pirates Week Executive Director Melanie McField.

“As usual, everyone was excited to meet and take pictures with the pirates, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard and Cayman’s own Captain Black Terrence. We are so thankful to our local and international pirates for all their time and effort in helping to entertain people,” she said.

The day featured costume contests, a treasure hunt, a magician and plenty of food, with friends and families making the most of the outing by picnicking under the palm trees and exploring the Pedro great house and grounds.

Ms. McField thanked all of the sponsors for helping to support an event to “offer children an opportunity to create lasting memories of our national festival.”