Getting a ‘Taste’ at Gimistory

Gimistory is heading to Bodden Town Tuesday evening.
Gimistory is heading to Bodden Town Tuesday evening.

Two of Cayman’s most beloved events are combining this year to bring great storytelling and great food to the public.

The Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival is partnering with the Cayman National Cultural Foundation for the annual fish fry competition at the Gimistory festival.
Gimistory kicked off Monday night in North Side and continues in the other districts throughout the week.

During the festival, fish fry teams from each district compete for the title of Overall District Winner.

According to organizers, the Overall District Winner this year will win a booth at the 2017 Taste of Cayman Food & Drink Festival, where they can showcase their fish fry. Each competition will also name a People’s Choice Award and Overall Best Taste.

“Gimistory and Taste of Cayman have both become important parts of the Cayman events calendar, with each capturing our unique culture and showcasing outstanding talent of the local as well as international community,” said Tiffany Dixon-Ebanks, executive director of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

Programs manager at the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, Patrice Beersingh, said, “Events like Gimistory and Taste both help to preserve and promote Caymanian tradition. The partnership was created with the aim of helping to bring people together to enjoy great tales, exceptional food and a healthy dose of competition.”

The judges for this year’s competition are Tonie Chisholm, Cayman 27’s “Daybreak” producer and former Miss Cayman; Clemens Guettler, winner of the Chairman’s Award at the 2016 Table Talk Food Awards and former Wharf owner; and Hollie Whitelocke, operations manager at the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

The Gimistory schedule this week is: Tuesday at Nurse Josie’s Senior Home in Bodden Town; Wednesday at Heritage Field in East End; Thursday at the Agriculture Ground on Cayman Brac; Friday at Public Beach in West Bay; and ‘Duppy Story Night’ on Saturday at Smith Barcadere, George Town. Storytelling starts at 7 p.m.


  1. What disturbs me most when people are having these events at the Harry McCoy Park in Bodden Town, is why don’t the representatives of this district see to it that the road sides are cleared of leaves and bush.
    Amazing that we are even still using Gun Square road to enter the festivities at the Harry McCoy Park when over half a million political dollars was spent on a back road entering from look out gardens. The road is not being used.
    The road sides are a disgrace and what is the excuse that can be given why those responsible in the government NRA does not see fit to send their workers out to have these road way kept clean from bush and leaves. They talk about cleaning up once a year. What kind of nonsense is that. If you cleaned your house once a year, do you imagine what condition it would be in twelve months later.
    Pirates week, Gimmy story, international food festivals, Seniors parties and other activities are always being held at this park through out the year but it is an utter disgrace to see the road sides with bush and leaves.
    Where are our four politicians, and where are our four want to be politicians for this area, East Bodden Town. If there is no interest in keeping your community area cleaned, why should we expect any better to be done in the House of Assembly.

  2. I agree Twyla , and maybe someone important lives on that road where that big money was spent on upkeep , and voters /citizens should be watching this sort of thing before they cast their next vote .

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