That new drone Santa delivered for Christmas and the traditional lanterns and fireworks could pose problems for planes at Owen Roberts International Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority issued a warning that the holiday festivities could land someone in trouble with the law for flying a drone or shooting off fireworks too close to the airport.

Fireworks are not allowed within three nautical miles of the airport or under the approach and departure flight paths without coordinating with the CAA.

For drones, the basic rule is, no flying within three nautical miles of the airport on all three islands. There is also a no-fly zone within one nautical mile of Northward prison.

A statement from the CAA notes that drone operators need to be careful of other air traffic, such as the Mosquito Research and Control Unit spray plane and helicopters operated by the police and Cayman Islands Helicopters.

Airport rules also ban flying kites more than 100 feet off the ground within three nautical miles of the airport. Outside of that area, kites are allowed to be flown up to 200 feet.

“Not only is there a risk that the body of the kite could damage the aircraft or be ingested by a jet engine with possibly catastrophic results, but the control lines, sometimes made of high tensile steel wire on performance aerobatic models, can pose a significant hazard to propeller driven aircraft,” the CAA said in its statement.

The CAA also warns about sky lanterns.

“Unlike other forms of recreational and celebratory activities … which can be controlled from the ground, sky lanterns cannot be controlled once released, and the larger lanterns, some of which exceed 4 feet in height and diameter, are able to climb in the prevailing wind to a height of several thousands of feet,” the CAA said.

There is no legislation that governs the use of lanterns, but the regulator asks people to be careful when releasing lanterns and to be mindful of air traffic around the airports.

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