COSME introduces investment platform

Representatives from the European Union-funded COSME initiative will travel to the Cayman Islands next week to introduce local business owners and entrepreneurs to the ‘Carib Connect’ website.

Carib Connect is an online platform that allows entrepreneurs to seek funding for their projects, receive expert advice on their businesses plans from well-respected and highly experienced professionals, and much more.

The Chamber of Commerce has long supported the initiative, with Chamber CEO Wil Pineau, CCE, having recently traveled to the Netherlands and Aruba for business meetings.

COSME will send guest expert speakers Leslie Abel and Tim Quinton to deliver presentations during a workshop for small and medium-sized businesses at the Chamber offices on Thursday, Jan. 12.

The speakers will discuss and explain the website and all of its benefits for local entrepreneurs and SME owners.

The event is free, and refreshments and snacks will also be provided.

The Chamber encourages all local entrepreneurs and small business owners to attend the event.

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