Fidelity staff donates to Haiti’s hurricane relief

Jacqueline D. T. Morris, manager, Marketing and Training, Fidelity Bank, and Jondo Malafa Obi, director of the Cayman Islands Red Cross.

Employees of Fidelity donated toward the rebuilding of Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall on the island in October 2016.

The Category 4 hurricane slammed Haiti with 145 mph winds, killing 546 people and injuring 438, according to the country’s Directorate of Civil Protection.

Entire villages were wiped out, leaving thousands of Haitians displaced. The United Nations estimates that 175,000 people remain homeless and 1.4 million are in need of food assistance. Access to clean drinking water is also an issue, giving rise to diseases like malaria. While relief teams have been dispatched and are working around the clock, limited resources and torrential rains have hindered their efforts.

In light of Haiti’s mass devastation, Fidelity Cayman staff took action to assist in the island’s recovery.

“We are aware that no one organization, institution or individual can do it alone; the need is just too great,” said Brett Hill, president of Fidelity Bank. “We applaud members of our staff who were moved to donate to this cause.”

Fidelity Cayman matched staff donations, presenting the total donation to Jondo Malafa Obi, director of The Cayman Islands Red Cross.

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