50 years ago: Richard Frederick on the mend after a successful surgery

In the Jan. 18, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Floris McCoy was welcomed by the paper as she took over for Haig Bodden as the Bodden Town correspondent:

“We welcome Miss Floris McCoy as our new correspondent for the district of Bodden Town and take this opportunity of thanking Mr. Haig Bodden for his services in this capacity over the past months.

Ms. McCoy reported: “Mr. Forestal of Cable & Wireless has indicated that their circuit to Bodden Town is now in working order and telephone calls can be put through to this district at any time.

“Mr. Richard Fredrick, one of the older residents of this community recently had surgery in the George Town hospital. He at this time is up and around and he is coming along fine. He wishes to express thanks to the hospital staff for the good treatment given to him while there and special thanks to Dr. Husband for a job well done in helping to relieve six years of suffering.

“Mr. Clive Whittaker, off the Deamaris of National Bulk Carriers returned home on the 12th. He is happy to be with his family and friends again.

“Mr. Samuel Foster arrived home on Friday. He is an employee of National Bulk Carriers.

“After spending a few weeks in Bodden Town among family and friends Stalin and Charlie Berry (sons of Mrs. Lindal Berry) returned to New York. Stalin will be joining a ship to go up to Vietnam and Charlie will be going to school. The boys were very much appreciated and we will miss them.

“Mrs. Anton Bodden after spending five months with her daughter in New York came home on the 10th. Accompanying her was her brother Mr. Leslie Miller, now residing in New York.

“Miss Orma Bodden, one of our island’s experienced school teachers took over the North Side School as Head Teacher. Miss Bodden has worked in five of the seven school districts in the island. We congratulate her on her work in all the schools and wish her a good year at North Side.

“Some of us felt very happy to see the islands’ Teachers’ Association have their first meeting in the Town Hall at Bodden Town. This was an interesting meeting and we look forward to having the teachers in Bodden Town again.

“Miss Janice Watler, after spending two weeks with her family during the Christmas season returned to her studies in Jamaica.

“Mr. James Lawrence, having been home for a few months, returned to America on the 6th.

“Miss Zola Carter arrived here from Jamaica after spending two weeks with a friend.”

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