Scuba divers cleared debris from the wreck of the USS Kittiwake after storm surge demolished the wheelhouse of the famous tourist attraction.

Wave action from a recent storm caused some damage to the wreck, one of the island’s most popular dive sites.

Volunteers from Divetech used lift bags to remove the broken panels last week.

Jo Mikutowicz, manager of the dive company, said it had been alerted to the damage by the Cayman Islands Tourism Authority.

It took around five hours to remove the broken pieces of the wheelhouse.

“The roof has gone, the walls have gone and the panels were strewn all over the place,” she said.

Ms. Mikutowicz said the pieces had to be removed in case they were a danger to divers or were dislodged from the wreck and swept on to the reef.

She said eight large panels had been removed, one of which was too large to load on to the boat and had to be towed to shore.

She said the damage should not affect the experience of diving the Kittiwake.

“The wheel is still there, you can still dive down and pretend to drive the boat. It’s like a convertible now.”

Window panels from the ship’s wheelhouse came loose in the storm. – PHOTO: TONY LAND



  1. I am sorry to hear about the damage to the wreck , but this should teach us something about preparing a ship to be sank for a dive site , against the weather and salt water.
    I think that if those above deck part were re-enforced before sinking that it would have last a lot longer, or better being removed .

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