Seymour, Lucille

Name: Lucille Seymour

District: Prospect

Affiliation: Progressives



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Older Persons Council to meet the public

The Older Persons’ Council is seeking input from Cayman’s senior citizen population and their families through a series of meetings in each of the Cayman Islands’ six districts.

Seymour appointed head of first Council for Older Persons

Saying local seniors “now have a voice to represent them,” Premier Alden McLaughlin named the 15 members of Cayman’s first Council for Older Persons as part of July’s Older Persons Law.

Lucille Seymour, icon of Cayman netball, to receive Service Award

The Netball International Federation has honored netball maven Lucille Seymour with a Service Award for her contributions to the sport.

Prospect election candidates face off in Chamber debate

Petty crime, traffic and jobs for Caymanians were among the big talking points as the three Prospect candidates faced off in the latest pre-election debate.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

Government approves Smith Cove purchase; Pageant Beach eyed

The Cayman Islands Cabinet has approved the purchase of property adjacent to Smith Cove public beach for US$5.4 million (CI$4.4 million), Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts said Wednesday. The price is about US$1.2 million more than a private developer bought the same parcel of land for in 2015.

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