Webster, Kenrick

Name: Kenrick Webster

District: George Town East

Affiliation: Independent

Email: [email protected]

Profession: Managing director/owner, Webster’s Tours Ltd.

Interview with Kenrick Webster

Michael Klein: Hello, this is Michael Klein with the Cayman Compass. I am here with Kenrick Webster, who is running as an independent candidate in the district of George Town East in the May 2017 election. Welcome, Mr. Webster.

Kenrick Webster: Thank you.

Michael Klein: Please introduce yourself and tell us why you are running for the Legislative Assembly.

Kenrick Webster: I am Dr. Kenrick Webster, independent candidate for the district of George Town East. I am running for political office because I want to give the young people of the Cayman Islands hope. That’s why my slogan is “A start, a voice, a vision.”

Michael Klein: What’s the most important issue facing your district?

Kenrick Webster: The most important issue is education. And I want to make sure I help reform the education system by looking at the deficiencies within the system and improving upon those deficiencies.

Michael Klein: What’s the most important issue facing the Cayman Islands as a whole?

Kenrick Webster: The most important issue at this time is the national security of this country. I want to make sure that the residents and the visitors of this island are protected by making sure that the borders of the Cayman Islands are protected.

Michael Klein: What’s something that Cayman is doing right, and how would you help to continue that?

Kenrick Webster: Our tourism product. They’re doing an excellent job in our tourism product. But to ensure that the tourists that are coming into this island are enjoying the experience, we have to make sure that the environment is protected, and keep in line with the tourism management policy to make sure that this island continues to be at the forefront of tourism within the region in this Western hemisphere.

Michael Klein: If elected, what’s your top priority on day one?

Kenrick Webster: My priority on day one would be education; to help reform the education system and hit the ground running; and I know exactly what we need to do.


Campaign donors partially revealed

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital founder Dr. Steve Tomlinson contributed more than $194,000 to 10 political candidates during the final eight weeks of Cayman’s 2017 general election campaign.
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Crime a focus of George Town East debate

Increasing concern about serious crime and illegal firearms marked the opening discussion at a debate among George Town East candidates on Monday night.

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The 2017 general election has brought out more independent candidates and more female candidates than its predecessor in 2013, according to figures reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

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