West Bay family marks accomplishments in tourism

Awardee Astor Ebanks, Brenda Timothy, and awardees Garnal Ebanks and Eziethamae Bodden.

The extended Ebanks family of West Bay had a lot to celebrate at National Heroes Day with several members honored for their services to the tourism industry.

The late Emily Ebanks and Ima Louise Ebanks were inducted to the Memorial Scroll for their services as hotel workers, while Long Service awards went to Clearstein Ebanks, Lillis Harvey, Astor Ebanks for his work as a chef, Garnal Ebanks as a hotel worker and jeweler, and Eziethamae Bodden as a hotel worker, Department of Tourism officer and condominium manager.

Marjorie Bodden, Martina Bodden, awardee Eziethamae Bodden and Marzeta Bodden at the ceremony.

After the ceremony on Jan. 23, the family marked the occasion at the home of Ms. Bodden on Mount Pleasant Road. “It is very important that families come together and share in the joy of each other,” said Ms. Bodden. “Our family [has] much to be thankful for.”
She said four generations were represented that day, “including my late grandmother, Emily Ebanks and her children, Ima Ebanks, Clearstein Ebanks and Lillis Harvey, and my late mom Ima Ebanks and her children, Astor Ebanks, Garnal Ebanks and myself.”

“Tourism is very important to the Cayman Islands and we must strive to keep our Islands safe and beautiful, so that visitors will continue to visit and residents will continue to enjoy them,” said Ms. Bodden.

“I am proud to call Cayman my home and feel happy to share it with those who visit us.”

Members of the extended Ebanks family at the celebratory gathering. Back row, from left, Carmel Ebanks, Cindy Ebanks, Denise Ebanks, Koran Ellison, Mashara McLaughlin, and awardee Eziethamae Bodden, and in front, Rhynnia Rattary, awardee Lillis Harvey, Rayburn Ebanks, awardee Clearstein Ebanks and Niqwon McLaughlin-Forbes.

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