Plumbers required to have license, court case highlights

Water Authority has list of certified plumbers

A man without a valid plumber’s license was fined $600 last week after pleading guilty to two charges of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

The advantage was pecuniary because it related to money.

The deception was a false representation that he was licensed to do plumbing work.

Michael Augustus West, 51, admitted that in December 2014 he obtained wages of $775 by falsely representing that he was a fit and proper person to be hired for the task, with a certified journeyman plumber’s license granted by the Water Authority.

He further admitted that in March 2015, by false declaration, he obtained employment at a work site. The supervisor, a certified journeyman plumber, recognized that the license West presented was not genuine and he contacted authorities.

The matter was investigated and West said he previously had an apprentice plumber’s license but it had expired in 2013.

Crown counsel Claire Wetton told Magistrate Grace Donalds that West had worked for an air-conditioning company. She said he took the journeyman plumber’s exam twice and failed both times. He denied forging the license he had presented.

The 2014 offense had to do with West’s involvement in the installation of a pipeline.

Defense attorney Crister Brady said West maintained he had no idea the license he presented was not genuine, but he admitted work was done and payment received under that license.

The matter had been set for trial on at least two previous occasions. Ms. Wetton said two witnesses had come to court on the last trial date, when West entered guilty pleas.

The magistrate imposed a fine of $300 on each charge and gave the defendant two months to pay because he was not working at this time.

After the matter concluded, a charge of uttering a false document was left on file. The website for Water Authority – Cayman states that plumbers in the Cayman Islands are required to be licensed by the Authority. There are three categories: apprentice, journeyman and master. There is a link on the website to a register of names of licensed plumbers.

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