Jakub Neveril

A total of 34 juniors entered last weekend’s PwC Junior Circuit Tennis Tournament, the second tournament of the 2017 season, hosted by the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.

In the 10-and-under division, Jake Fagan and Phin Ellison faced off in the final. The match went back and forth, with Jake winning in a tough three setter, a press release states. This is the second consecutive final in which the two have faced each other. Rafael Wejbora defeated newcomer Albert Bersoy for third place. Another newcomer to the PwC Circuit, Dominic Gunn, won the consolation trophy in his first tournament.

In the 14-and-under division, Jakub Neveril won his second consecutive final against Alex Priestley. Willow Wilkinson won the consolation final.

In the 18-and-under division, Jade Wilkinson defeated Lauren Fullerton in the final. Both of them also participated in the 2017 Cayman Open, in which Jade beat Lauren in the women’s semifinals, Lauren and her partner beat Jade and her partner in the women’s doubles final, and Jade and her partner beat Lauren and her father in the mixed doubles finals.

Oskar Bjuro won the 18-and-under consolation medal.

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