A U.S. Air Force Boeing C-40A, the military version of a 737 jet, landed in Cayman Sunday and will stay until Wednesday.

A U.S. Coast Guard ship that arrived over the weekend has already departed.

Cayman’s Government Information Service said both arrivals were part of routine visits.


  1. This plane is not in the USCG fleet. This is an executive aircraft for presidential appointments. It is used by cabinet secretaries and select congressman. It has been utilized by the Speaker of the House of Representatives for numerous trips……not routine!

  2. I totally agree with J Bodden. There is something we are not being told about in regard to this “routine” visit. From my years in the US military, a plane such as this would never be used to transport regular military personnel. The markings are just short of the ones used on Air Force One, and are just short of rows of US flags, and loud speakers shouting “The Yanks Are Coming, The Yanks Are Coming”.

    It’s hard to imagine that a country that is nearly bankrupt would send such an expensive and fuel guzzling plane to Cayman without a specific and important purpose.

    It is certainly beautiful and impressive, however.

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