John McLean seeks to reclaim ‘dad’s’ seat

East End’s John McLean Jr. is hoping the third time is the charm in his efforts to win the Legislative Assembly seat that once belonged to his father.

Mr. McLean announced his candidacy this week, becoming the third person to enter the East End constituency race, along with incumbent Arden McLean and businessman Isaac Rankine.

Mr. McLean unsuccessfully contested the election in East End during the 2009 and 2013 general elections. He will once again run as an independent candidate.

According to a campaign announcement: “John Jr. grew up aspiring to follow in his father’s footsteps, learning at an early age the dedication, sincerity and hard work that is required for the job.”

John McLean Sr. served as the representative from East End between 1976 and 2000, when he was defeated in the general election by Arden McLean, who has served in the post since.

“John Jr. is ready and willing to work side-by-side with any persons, without bias and regardless of their allegiances to create a better country for the Caymanian people of today and for future generations,” the campaign announcement states.


  1. “Spirit of Entitlement” highlights John McLean’s political campaign.

    This is a clear indication that the candidate does not understand the purpose of the Legislative Assembly. For the record, the purpose is to server the people of the Cayman Islands. All people, and it is not to perpetuate “ownership” of a controlling voice (seat) in the Assembly.

    Perhaps he should rethink his candidacy if he does not understand that.

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