John Stanley Douglas, newly elected president of the Cayman Islands Seafarers Association, promises to make the association even better in the future.

“Thank you for your ongoing support as we together make these great strides for the future well-being of our association and its members,” he said at the annual election, adding that he wants seamen to be recognized the way they should be in the country.

“We are not dead people yet,” he said at the meeting at the Seafarers Hall in Prospect on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

“We need to encourage young Caymanians to join because if we do not bring in ‘new blood,’ we will become extinct,” he said.

The association’s priorities include ongoing campaigns and pledges, such as donating money to other nonprofit organizations, assisting the Health Services Authority, and paying for funeral expenses for seamen.

It is Mr. Douglas’s fourth time as president of the association, a nonprofit organization established for the benefit of the seamen of the Cayman Islands, their spouses and families.

The jovial and enthusiastic Mr. Douglas, 81, who has been with the association for 33 years, has also previously served as secretary and vice president.

His career spans 38 years on ships, serving as seaman and promtions up to chief officer.

Mr. Douglas highlighted several issues of concern to the group, which include the Seafarers’ healthcare policy document, which had been changed, and the status of the InTouch Health RP-Lite Robot, nicknamed “Sally,” which the Seafarers donated to the Cayman Islands Hospital four years ago. He also discussed members taking more active roles and the importance of paying dues.

Mr. Douglas said he has launched a website to enable the association to network with such organizations as the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, U.K., and UNESCO, which assists nonprofit organizations.

Other officers

Steve McField was elected vice president; Andrew Eden, secretary; John Ebanks, treasurer; and Rosemary Anderson, Orman Morgan, Abel Medina, Washington Ebanks, Denniston Tibbetts were elected as members of the governing council.

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