50 years ago: Visitor Adele Mulock stitches ties with community

In the March 1, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Floris McCoy wrote:

“I called on Mrs. Adele Mulock, a Canadian born in Toronto. She is an interesting person and seems to live with never a dull moment. In fact, when I called on her, she was very busy sewing little outfits for dolls belonging to some of the neighbours’ girls. Mrs. Mulock has been coming to the island for three years. She seems to have been living a nomadic life for six months seeking good climate, quietness, and trying to get away from crowded cities and busy highways. She enjoys art work and some of her favourite hobbies are collecting shells and sewing.

“She is now living at Bodden Town in the Pease Bay area and made special mention of finding everyone extremely kind and helpful. She will probably live in Cayman for a while and we wish her a pleasant time here.

“There was a lovely group at the Town Hall on Tuesday night when the Bodden Town Citizens’ Association met and enjoyed a social evening together. The evening began with sing-time with Mrs. Armstrong playing the guitar, and through her able leadership much variety was added and everyone enjoyed this tremendously. We all appreciated her help very much. Then we enjoyed some games, after which refreshments were served and the evening ended with words of thanks to all from Miss Evelyn Wood, the President. She would like to see all young people out to ‘Youth Club’ on Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m.

“We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Gileard Solomon, the happy parents of God’s precious gift of a little boy born on Friday, their fourth child and first son.

“Mr. Lescot Miller, an employee of Ensco shipping, arrived home this week.

“With us in Bodden Town this week is Mrs. Holstead Dixon, from the British Virgin Islands. She is a native Caymanian and looks forward to coming home and we are always glad to have her come.”

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