Maternity patient finds insects in hospital food

A new mother says she was stunned and disgusted after finding what she believed to be maggots in her porridge after being served breakfast at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Jhannaye Bodden gave birth to her first child Wednesday and was recovering in the hospital’s maternity ward when she made the troubling discovery Saturday morning.

The Health Services Authority said it responded immediately to the complaint, recalling the porridge across the hospital and alerting the Department of Environmental Health.

A spokeswoman for the HSA said a preliminary investigation revealed no evidence of maggots but confirmed the presence of “what appears to be the larva of a weevil” in two portions of porridge. According to an environmental health officer’s initial assessment, the infestation was limited to a single box of the Cream of Wheat brand breakfast porridge, which it said had been delivered from a local vendor in the past week.

Ms. Bodden said she was shocked and concerned to find the “little worms” crawling in her food.

“I was thinking ‘what else have I eaten that I never saw.’ Whatever it was, it was still an insect in my food.

“My first thought was to warn all the mothers on the ward because we are all breast feeding and the babies are getting the food we are getting.”

Ms. Bodden’s partner, Jerrin Carter, posted a picture of the porridge and the larvae on social media Saturday, highlighting the incident. The couple have not decided what action, if any, to take.

“My concern is, how do we know for sure that this is a one-time thing?” said Ms. Bodden.

The HSA said in a statement that it had been alerted to the incident and had called in the Department of Environmental Health, which launched an investigation.

According to the HSA, “The officer has stated that ‘inspection of the contaminated meal revealed that there were two of what appeared to be a weevil larva’ and that ‘generally, most cereal contains insect eggs when harvested from the field and in rare situations, these eggs can hatch in sealed boxes or packages of cereal.’ He concluded that there was no evidence of maggots in the sample or in any part of the kitchen at the hospital.’”


  1. I feel so sad this has happened both for the patient and the hospital kitchen staff. My suggestion is that a serious check need to be made in the kitchen, and it could have been brought in by the vendor or if it was in cupboard in the hospital, either way it would have been difficult knowing, but there is no excuse of not having foods properly checked out before given to patients. Then again, these things can happen anywhere, could happen in your favorite restaurant or even at home. Do hope the patient and management at the hospital can have a sensible conversation about this and do the right thing.

  2. We have occasionally noticed weevils in dry cereal and rice in our own home. It only seems to happen with product sold in cardboard boxes that do NOT have sealed bags inside.
    We stopped buying any product sold just in a box and never had a problem since then.

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