Gender survey to analyze Cayman Islands workforce

An independent group of professionals has taken on a gender-in-the-workplace survey, aimed at gauging employment diversity and opportunity in the Cayman Islands.

Project strategist Marzeta Bodden said the survey seeks to involve Cayman in international dialogue about gender equality in the workforce and determine if gaps exist in the islands.

“It stems from the fact that around the world there [is] lots of conversation about gender in the workplace and whether or not there is a gender gap,” she said.

“Cayman is an international jurisdiction but we don’t know the answer to whether there is a gap in our workforce. … We want to be able to have high-quality data with which we can actually begin the conversation.”

The survey hopes to reach men and women from a broad range of industries, ages and seniority levels.

The project is being carried out by a volunteer team, including Roxanne Lorimer, who said she would like to get a clear idea of the drivers behind career progression and professional leadership.

“For my whole career, I’ve always looked at leadership in companies and noticed often that at some point in people’s career, females kind of fall out of the leadership pipeline,” she said.

“What we wanted to see is what’s going on in the workplace in the Cayman Islands in terms of gender diversity and access to senior positions in the workplace.”

The data gathered by the initiative will be analyzed by a statistician and shared, with the hope of informing industry decision-making.

The group has consulted with government on the project. Ms. Bodden said the data is expected to complement basic demographic information already available on employment.

All responses to the survey are anonymous, Ms. Bodden said.

The questionnaire can be found at

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