Hearings for voter challenges pushed back

The Cayman Islands Elections Office has announced new dates for hearings of claims and objections to the voters list, ahead of the May 24th general election.

The hearings, which were set to occur this week, have now been moved back to the week of April 3-7. The official register of electors, which is everyone who is entitled to vote in the upcoming election, will be published on April 11 instead of the original date of April 1.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said the delay was “due to an administrative oversight” for which he took “full responsibility.”

The voter hearings delay will not affect candidate nomination day, which takes place on March 29.

The elections office will begin issuing voter identification cards on Cayman Brac on Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25 at the Cayman Brac Agricultural Show. ID cards for any voters who are on the claims and objections list will be issued once the hearings are completed.

The issuing of voter ID cards for Grand Cayman has not been scheduled yet.

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