MLA Connolly bows out of election

George Town MLA Winston Connolly ended months of speculation Monday afternoon announcing that he would not seek re-election this year.

Mr. Connolly, a first-time member of the Legislative Assembly, was elected in May 2013 as an independent and shortly after joined the Progressives coalition as a backbencher.

He left the ruling administration in early 2016 after falling out with the government leadership.

Mr. Connolly said Monday that it was a great honor to serve the Caymanian people and that he felt “humbled” that voters had enough confidence in him to elect him four years ago.

“But I do not love politics,” Mr. Connolly said during a “personal explanation” statement in the Legislative Assembly. “I will not offer myself as a candidate for re-election. I will go back to being a husband for my wife and father to my children. I will be the first to admit they have suffered and have been affected by my … role.”

Mr. Connolly said many people had urged him to run again in George Town, but that he declined “running for the sake of winning.”

“[Running] just for the sake of politics is not enough,” he said.


  1. Mr Connolly I am saddened by your decision, because clearly you were not one of the money/power hungry and could bow out with grace. I wish you all that is good being a dad and father and do hope you will find a position in place to help the youth of Cayman

  2. Politics is not for the weak-hearted…or those with a conscience….and maybe Mr. Connolly’s family back-ground and upbringing has laid a foundation for him to be strong, in another way….and has definitely endowed him with a conscience.

    Hopefully this decision was not influenced by the powers that he confronted when accusing them of ‘following’ him.

    In any event, Mr. Conolly has exhibited character traits that young Caymanians should look up to and seek to emulate, and coming from the family that he comes from, those of us who know them very well would expect nothing less.

    He is someone we can all be proud of…and wish him the best in his next major steps in life.

    Hopefully, he will stay in public life in some way and help to mentor and guide young Caymanians coming up behind him.

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