Watch as 20,300 cruise ship passengers pour into George Town

The George Town waterfront saw one of its busiest days of the year Tuesday, with six cruise ships bringing in more than 20,300 passengers, according to the Port Authority.

The Freedom of the Seas brought in 4,530 passengers, with the remaining tourists arriving on Disney Magic, Westerdam, MSC Divina, Celebrity Reflection and Norwegian Epic. – PHOTO: Alvaro Serey

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  1. Well as I was saying from last year we have NO problem handling more then 20,000 people in George Town. It didn’t cause a problem with traffic. We had one constable who helped stop passengers when it needed too. Everything was fine except for building a proper cruise ship facility and having 20,000 people come to Grand Cayman 5 days a week. But this summer the Tourism industry will suffer with one ship days and 3 days of business one week then 4 days the next. Still delays on something that should have been in place 35 years ago.

  2. Who does Mr Miller work for?. I drive along the seafront every morning and even 3 of 4 cruise ships can cause severe delays, not to mention the pictured “Trolly Roger” which crawls up and down South Church St at a walking pace often with several dozen cars behind. It should be ticketed for obstructing traffic.

  3. This is awesome that we can boast about having five thousand tourist visit every day on the cruise ship. Now please answer me this honest question. How many has came to the eastern districts. I know I can speak for Bodden Town. We have not seen any; and it is a total shame that we have nice restaurants up here like the Light House Club, Chester’s, Carolyn’s, Biggy’s and Colin’;s in Savannah, we have fast food outlets and Not even one tourist is urged to visit the eastern districts. The Mission house is closed, The parks are in a dilapidate condition, the post office is in need of a paint job, and the yard looks poor. The roads have been dug up by the water authority and has not been fixed back. roadsides are overgrown with bush, because no one in the departments responsible see that they are cleaned. The place is just depressing, and people will be going to the polls to vote the same old same old trying to get in again. When will you people ever learn and see that nothing has been done for the town in Four years. . Over twenty thousand visitors and not even one encouraged to visit Bodden Town.

  4. The amount of ships that come into port is given by Government. They only need 4 large ships per day. If we had a port we could get the larger ships and block Cayman for only 4 per day. Just like your Dive boat company, you only have room for so many divers per day , simple.
    We are going to get more competition just like any other business. We are procastinating until we get into more trouble with Caymanians losing opportunities to keep their jobs and businesses.
    Government gives permission for road use and selects who uses it. There are people who shouldn’t be using the roads I’ll agree with you on that. But traffic slows down after 9 am on South Church street. I live on South Curch street. I do prebook tours during the winter season Nov-April They start leaving after 8:30 am . If you have a constable at the crosswalk by Bayshore you solve any other earlier movements. But again thats Government choice to have one there. You really only have delays when they USE South Terminal. Again that could be solved by having a cruise ship facility at Royal Watler where all 4 ships would be. I went to Cozumel and they have 3.5 million cruise ship passengers all year long and 3 piers that can hold any size ship. They have people going across the street by ramps like what Dart is building on 7 mile beach.
    We need to stop finding excuses and just build the proper infrastruture for the largest amount of tourists who come to these islands. You will also find out that Harbour drive is crowded when shps are in. Eastern Ave is virtually empty of traffic from 1pm till 3:30 pm but people want to drive thru Town instead of around it. Bus drivers usually drive thru the bypass ,Eastern ave. then right thru GT primary left on Mcfield then right thru Mary street left thru fort st. left again back to Royal watler dock. Try it sometime it will save you lights changes and stress.
    The only people who don’t want a dock is people who don’t have a vested interest in the future of cruise ship tourism. A question one should ask, if a dock is not needed why do dive companies build them for their customers. Surely they could take a smaller boat from shore and motor out from the beach to a larger boat with customers and tanks? Would that be better?

  5. Mr Miller,
    You hit the nail on the head , when you said that we are procrastinating until we get in more trouble and Caymanians would lose jobs and opportunities. .
    Procrastination has been around in Caymanians long time and still is , maybe that’s why you think that the cruise ship dock would fix the issue of jobs and opportunities. If the dock is built those problems would still exist , then what would you need ?

    I understand your concerns , but I think that you are barking for the wrong cause . The cruise ship dock wouldn’t fix your problem . We need to unite as one Caymanians to fix the problem for one and all and not procrastinate on it .