Young people from across the Cayman Islands took part in three days of community-building events at the recent Brac Spring Weekend.

The event on March 10-12, organized by the Youth Services Unit, involved students from Grand Cayman, including a group from the Cayman Islands Youth Assembly and the YouthFlex radio show, joining their peers from the Brac for various activities and forums aimed at building a sense of community among young people, and allowing them to voice their concerns and ambitions.

Two youth forums were held at the Layman E. Scott High School, one for students in Years 8 and 9 and one for students in Years 10 and 11.

“Both events provided a space for young people from both islands to discuss local issues of interest to them and what they are experiencing as youth,” a press release states.

“The forums were lively and provided an opportunity for students to advocate on issues important to them. They were also a chance for the unit and participants to form a better idea of what attendees and their peers can try to do to promote change.”

The weekend also featured a 3-on-3 basketball tournament which drew a large crowd. Four adult and three youth teams engaged in fierce but friendly competition.

Team Lil Angels won the island-wide scavenger hunt.

The Unit was pleased to note increased participation in the basketball event by children in the junior division. Cayman Brackers played well to retain their title from Brac Spring Weekend ‘15, but Grand Cayman won the overall adult trophy and a prize pack.

One junior division player from Cayman Brac won a jersey and Grand Cayman’s adult division winners, Team Grand Cayman comprised of Tre Dilbert, Yohan Fitzgerald, Jahmar Dawkins, Jonathon Anderson and Kashown Johnson, won gift certificates.

A drone racing exhibition at the Bluff play field also drew a large crowd. The drones were piloted by Andrew McLaughlin and Nicholas Bodden, and several spectators donned camera goggles to get the drone racers’ view of them flying through the obstacle course.

An island-wide scavenger hunt followed, with five mixed teams searching for clues to many historic sites on the Brac. Team Lil Angels, made up of Marlena Keating, Vitoria Buttrum, Ayanna Davis-Eden, Shantae Ramoon and Brianna Bodden placed first, winning $150 and goodie bags. Team Phoenix came second, winning $100, and Team Fergy placed third, winning $75.

At the kickball competition, Team Cayman Brac defeated Team Grand Cayman 19-11, and in the half-line kickoff competition, Cody Kirkwood of the Brac won a Lionel Messi jersey.

Cody Kirkwood with his prize Messi jersey after he won the half-line kickoff contest.

“The basketball tournament went well and I enjoyed scoring,” said Grand Cayman student Kashown Johnson. “One of my favorite moments was hanging out with other young people in the Brac and getting to see what they like to do.”

Organizers said they considered the weekend a success.

“We are very thankful to our sponsors for helping make this event possible and the love we received from the Brackers who showed up and joined us in all these events,” said Youth Services Unit acting head James Myles.

“We were also impressed by the turnout of the junior division at the 3-on-3 basketball tournament and are grateful for the support from the Cayman Brac community.

“We are looking forward to growing this event and continuing to help foster dialog between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac youth.”

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