A group of scuba divers on a higher mission paid a visit to the Brac this month, using their time on land to lend some elbow grease to assist with various maintenance projects and hosting a religious film screening.

Jim Mustoe, trip organizer and founder and CEO of the Key Largo, Florida-based Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization, who had previously been on a dive trip to Grand Cayman, said he came up with the idea to visit the Brac after communicating with Pastor Steve Jorge from Grand Cayman’s First Baptist Church. Pastor Jorge connected him with Pastor Audley Scott of the Brac’s Hillside Chapel.

“I could go on and on about how fantastic the trip was,” said Mr. Mustoe in an email, noting that through its activities the group hopes to shine a light on reef conservation and appreciating God’s work that can be seen underwater. The group has numerous chapters across the United States whose members take part in dive trips, mostly in the Caribbean.

The group of divers, whose motto is “Jesus is the regulator of my life,” stayed at the Cayman Brac Beach Resort. Between dives, they undertook missionary work.

“We had two distinct mission sites of which we have to accomplish much, in the four afternoons of approximately 3½ hours each afternoon to complete,” said Mr. Mustoe.

“The first, was the repainting of the outside porch, its railings and ceilings, as well as the entire downstairs inside walls and ceilings of [a] mission house for the Hillside Chapel. The second, was the complete repainting of the outside walls and steeple of the Church of God, which was right on the coast of the ocean and badly in need of scraping and painting.”

Group members enjoyed the Brac scenery.

He complimented the mission work leader Tea Rajic, who spent time between the two mission sites making sure that everybody had all the supplies, materials, food and water they needed.

“She also worked with pastors Tom French of the Church of God and Pastor Audley Scott of Hillside Chapel, to make sure that we provided the funding for everything that we were doing on the mission work, as well as in coordinating our nighttime activities with their churches.”

He said the diving was extremely impressive.

“The visibility of the water of Cayman Brac was unmatched by any other trip I’ve ever been on with the organization, or anywhere for that matter,” he said.

Members of the group after an afternoon of work.

“We also had our daily devotions between these two dives on our boat every day that were led by a different member, which was absolutely fantastic, and we learned much as we shared Christ with each other.”

Mr. Mustoe was also full of praise about the group’s experience at the Cayman Brac Beach Resort.

The dive group also organized a special movie night to screen the “Jesus” film.

“On Friday night, approximately 170 people showed up for the movie and it was a great success, as many of the [audience] repeated a prayer in the movie … as well as large amounts of people came to our tables to get a copy of the ‘Jesus’ film to take home. We found out the next morning, that there were housekeepers and hotel personnel who were not able to attend the movie, and we were able to pass out the remaining thumb drives of the ‘Jesus’ film that we had left over, all the way up to one of our members … giving one to the woman working behind the gift shop at the airport.”

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