In reading your article on the proposed cull of the invasive iguanas, I am unsure if you were just against the method or if in fact you were generally against the actual cull. I agree that as usual the powers that be, against the outcry from the farmers and for that matter all homeowners, wait until a crisis before taking action.

Maybe an idea could be to corral them and send them back to the home of their origin.

I have never heard anyone complain of the cull of our other invasive species, lionfish, which is not only destroying our reef fish but also in danger of causing coral destruction not only here but in the U.S. and Caribbean.

Even now, rather than simply give responsible citizens a permit for an air rifle to dispose humanely of these pests, officials have complicated this with the scheme you have outlined in your article. I realize you may ask, “Who are responsible citizens?” A simple check on age, ability and criminal record could be verified. I for one would gladly do such a service without asking for any payment and so would many “responsible” citizens.

On another matter, our traffic situation is being addressed with vigor by the NRA. I do commend them. However, I am at a loss that the Linford Pierson Highway is being downgraded with another roundabout. As you know, you can build 10 new lanes, but if you come down to a two-lane bottleneck or a roundabout, you are back to square one.

I thought this road was supposed to be a “Bypass” with limited access. Again, can anyone say what it is with the two homes in the middle of the access?

It would nice if the public could get an update occasionally.

Patrick C. Broderick Sr.

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  1. In response to the two items listed in the comments by Patrick Broderick, unfortunately the answer may be the CIG operates much like the government of the US. There it is a situation where the people work for the government. Government is non-responsive to the needs or even the questions of taxpayers and only concerned about staying in power, amassing huge fortunes through receipt of gifts, political donations and sponsorships by influential elites.

    I’d say this this is the perfect time for Caymanians to ask themselves how has government actually improved conditions for the country as a whole…. not just government leaders and insiders over the past 8 years. Hint: think of all the failed promises of the past eight years.