BritCay limits Health City coverage to cardiac care

Insurance provider BritCay announced Wednesday that it will only authorize and reimburse for cardiac-related procedures at Health City Cayman Islands, effective April 1. Other procedures will not be covered, the company said.

Health City Cayman Islands director Gene Thompson said the announcement came as a surprise.

“This has come [as] a total surprise to us, without any warning or notice. We have provided excellent care at very competitive prices and continue to do that” Mr. Thompson said.

Non-cardiac procedures will not be covered at Health City by BritCay unless “deemed emergent and pre-certification/authorization has been obtained.”

Procedures already scheduled and authorized before April 1 will be allowed to proceed, BritCay said in a press statement.

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The insurance provider said it contracted Health City in 2014, when the hospital opened, for tertiary-level cardiac care. Since then, the hospital has expanded its services, offering a procedures and treatments, including orthopedics, pediatrics, pulmonary, oncology and neurology.

“BritCay must now ensure that all services provided at Health City Cayman Islands are compliant with our contractual requirements. It will take us some time to do this evaluation,” the company said.

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  1. Does that mean they WILL pay for clients to go to Miami for health care that they cannot otherwise get in Grand Cayman?

    Sounds like a false economy to me.

    I had the occasion to recently visit Health City on a NON cardiac matter and was very pleased with the promptness and high level of care I received.

  2. Norman that is a good question I am waiting to see someone answer.
    After May election I do hope we have some big changes. The number one problem is Health Care. Those persons who can make this right are playing with peoples lives on a daily basis. Definitely not Health City, but you can go into some Hospitals here on the island for surgery or other; with your heart in your mouth silently screaming God Help. You get surgery and the necessity after surgery is not done; causing people to have swollen arms, hands and legs because of certain things that are supposed to be done immediately afterward. The nurses and doctors chat too much about personal things and leave patients wondering if they realize you are still there. It has to change. Cinico, and government employees. The government cannot continue to pay full cost to Cinico, All government employees should contribute towards this, and in turn that Cinico card should be accepted anywhere on the island. I do believe to get the best of both worlds people must pay for that. When the house opens with a brand new crowd or half and half, I do hope the Health Care is tackled first thing.