UCCI professor suspended over police probe

A University College of the Cayman Islands professor has been suspended in connection with an ongoing police investigation, the university’s president, Roy Bodden, confirmed to the Cayman Compass.

The teacher was arrested March 30 in relation to a probe being conducted by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Family Support Unit in conjunction with the newly formed Multi-Agency Safegaurding Hub. He had not been charged as of press time Tuesday and so is not being identified by the newspaper.

“The University College is aware that one of its faculty members is assisting the police in their investigation of an allegation,” Mr. Bodden said in a written statement. “The president has not been officially notified as to the nature of the matter being investigated.”

The RCIPS, while confirming the arrest had occurred, declined to state the nature of the case as of press time Tuesday. Police said the suspect is free on police bail.

Mr. Bodden said the professor would be suspended with full pay, consistent with the school’s policy on all such investigations.

“Arrangements have been made for the students scheduled for classes with this instructor to have a substitute,” Mr. Bodden said.


  1. This sounds to be alot bigger than Mr. Bodden , but could be fired with full pay indefinite .

    I think that these are the kind of things along with the Ritch PR Report , and all the corruption that is destroying the Islands that all of the new Government coming should sit down for 2 weeks and figure out how to fix / better for the future of the Islands , before they start regular business of the LA .

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