Police warn of Sister Islands phone scam

Possible impersonation of police officer

Police are warning of a scam involving the addition of phone credit to Jamaican telephone numbers.

On April 13, a woman on Little Cayman reported that she had received a call on her work phone from a Jamaican number. A male voice stated that “Mr. Brown” had asked her to add $40 in credit to a Jamaican number.

The woman believed the caller was referring to a police constable on Little Cayman with the same last name and added the credit. However, when the caller phoned again requesting credit, the woman became suspicious.

“Police are investigating the incident, but ask the public to beware of any strangers calling and requesting the addition of credit to their phones, even if they claim to be calling on behalf of a police officer or someone else known to them,” the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said in a statement.

Police ask anyone who receives such a call to note the originating phone number and to call the Cayman Brac Police Station at 948-0331.


  1. What do these people anyway, and when is Cayman going to get tough. We are too licky licky. To much inside jobs on robberies and thefts and all sorts of crimes. All I can say is that we need change in many areas here, because someone has to take the blame for all that is taking place.

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